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Anne Hung is a designer with extensive experience in the fashion industry. At Ryerson University, she graduated top of her class and received the Bretton's Award for Designer of the Year. Her passion for fashion drove her to NYC, where she catapulted into the industry. After showcasing her collection at Alternative Fashion Week, her designs gained worldwide recognition, selling in Japan, China, and North America.
Her unique and creative versatility has led to unparalleled achievements. Her Candy Wrap dress (made exclusively from candy wrappers) caught the attention of Cadbury and landed her a one-year endorsement contract, a showcase at New York Fashion Week, and a feature in Paris Vogue. Another exciting design, a long-fitted dress made from broken vinyl records, was the winning piece at 1999 Styles for the New Millennium and was featured in the New York Post, and New York Times.
In 2003, her first flagship location opened in Toronto. She has since worked as a part-time professor at Ryerson University and continues to contribute to the Canadian Fashion industry. She challenges herself with new and exciting projects, and her brand is currently working in Design Consulting, Hosting, Styling, Creative Direction, and Mentoring.
Becoming a mother, and embarking on her fitness journey has taught her the importance of balance. She believes inner peace and harmony positively contribute to the many hats she wears, as a fashion designer, mother, mentor, stylist, and consultant.
Being comfortable in your skin and living in the present are two philosophies she holds in high regard. When she designs her pieces, she does so with the intention that those who wear them will feel confident, inspired, and beautiful. For Anne Hung, what you wear is what you attract, so you should strive to be extraordinary every day.

"I want to thank all my customers who have supported me since the beginning of my career and to those who continue to shop the Anne Hung label. It is you the consumer, who has given me the opportunity to have a career in a industry that can be challenging at times, but it is your continuous support that has allowed my dreams to come true." 

- Anne Hung